The entire curriculum is created with input from students, parents, alumni, and professionals, as well as faculty, staff, administrators, advisory council members, and industry experts with specialized knowledge.

Curriculum – It is divided into six topics

Topic 01: “Tourism Industry and Business Management” (6 Credits)

  • Principles and Procedures of Tourism Management and Its practical implications (1 credits)
  • Tour, Travel Agency & Tour operations and its Business Processes (1 credits)
  • Geographical factors and development of Tourism business (2 credits)
  • Accounting and Managerial Economics for Tourism (2 credits)

Topic 02: “Domestic and International Tourism” (6 Credits)

  • Indian Tourism Resources and Destinations (2 credits)
  • Air transportation and Airport Operations (Theory and Practical Assignments) (1 credits)
  • Rules and Regulations, Legal environment in International Tourism (1 credits)
  • Developing a business plan for short / long tour in both domestic and international renowned destination (2 credits)

Topic 03: “Hospitality Industry and Business” (6 Credits)

  • Concept and model of hospitality business and Industry (2 credits)
  • Travel Agency & Tour Operation Management (1 credits)
  • Ticketing, E Payment ways and Event management (1 credits)
  • Documentation, office management / general administrations (2 credits)

Topic 04: “Hotel Operations and HR Management” (6 Credits)

  • Hotel industry, guest services, and Staff Management (2 credits)
  • Soft Skills in the hospitality industry, guest handling, facility management, etiquettes (1 credits)
  • Innovative Practices of Staff Engagement in Tourism Industry (1 credits)
  • Best Practices in HR Management and Preparation of Skills Matrix (2 credits)

Topic 05: “Information Technology and Tourism Marketing” (6 Credits)

  • CRS in National and International Airlines, Railways, Hotel booking, E-ticketing (2 credits)
  • Tour Guiding, preparation of small events and business management (2 credits)
  • Marketing strategy, marketing plans and techniques to promote touristic products and services (1 credits)
  • Social media marketing for launch and promotion, Customer Feedback mechanism (1 credits)

Topic 06: “Exim Policy and Project Report (Dissertation)”

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