International Travel & Tourism Institute has been awarded the ‘Best Tourism Institute’ by the Tourism Corporation

TWWFA’s The Travel Insight branch has years of expertise in training, particularly in the areas of travel, tourism, and hospitality. The firm is highly known in the sector for its thorough professional training and its part in giving students a platform to make themselves marketable at different levels in the travel and hospitality sector.

We are aware of how ambitious students are to complete their academic objectives, land their ideal jobs, and advance in their careers. As a result, we partner with reputable awarding bodies and cutting-edge content providers, such as European International University in Paris, France, to offer a variety of internationally recognized courses that help students realize their career aspirations.


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World Travel and Hospitality and Tourism Index

Over the previous few months, the World Travel and Hospitality and Tourism Index has increased significantly. Early in 2020, when the epidemic began, the tourism sector as a whole essentially collapsed. Analysts projected that it will rebound in 2023 or 2024. Labor shortages are one of the main problems the industry is now facing. The survey’s panel of 20 experts identified this problem as the one that has the greatest impact on businesses’ net operating income (NOI). The hospitality industry is increasing compensation as well as attracting talent. However, additional difficulties lie ahead, and the sector will require even more experts.


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Our Vision

To be acknowledged on national and global level as the greatest educational institution of choice for producing the most diversified, self-reliant, and academically talented individuals in the travel, tourist, and hospitality sectors.


Our Mission

To promote the preservation, creation, and transmission of expertise through high-quality, pertinent instruction and studies; to collaborate with interested parties to support the growth and development of the tourism, travel, and hospitality industries for the benefit of humanity.

Core Values

Our Core Values

  • By providing high-quality instruction and study, hotel management experts can improve tourism.
  • To assist in addressing the leadership requirements of the travel, hotel, and tourist industries.
  • To provide insight into the practical concerns and problems that the travel and tourist industry, and particularly the hotel and hospitality sectors, are facing on a local, regional, and global level.
  • In order to facilitate the delivery of high-quality service in the tourism business, to bring together academics and practitioners in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industries.
  • To create a favorable environment for training in travel, tourism, and hospitality by giving students the chance to gain information and skills that are pertinent to addressing the needs of the industry as a whole and accomplishing their immediate objective of obtaining a job.