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Professional Diploma Program in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management from European International University Paris, France, as Certification Partner

Professional organization managed by doyens of Industry with experience and expertise spanning more than four decades

Unique Curriculum , courses, and Syllabus with a true blend of academic and industry experts, online learning, and a self-paced learning model


About Tourism Insights

The group behind Tourism Insights, the Tourism Warriors Welfare Facilitation Association (TWWFA), has an excellent foundation. We are a reputable company that only focuses on teaching individuals and providing top-notch programs that adhere to international standards. In the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, there is a rapidly expanding demand for skilled professionals. We will provide credentials in travel, tourism, and hospitality in order to accomplish this. “Professional Diploma in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality” is the brand-new name for the comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum is designed to upskill specialists and satisfy industry demands.

The Professional Diploma in Travel, tourist, and Hospitality Management program may be chosen by professionals at entry-level and advanced levels who work in the travel, tourist, and hospitality industries and wish to enhance their careers. The course offers a thorough overview of the travel and tourist industries while also covering topics like economics and human resource development. The training also covers the theoretical facets of the travel industry. We received approval from European International University, Paris, France, for partner certification.

Our experts can introduce you to online learning opportunities that you have never experienced or learned about in books or online. You will appreciate learning a lot about the travel industry while traveling to historical cities and mountain routes with a range of vistas that will make you want to flee.

Increase your boundaries. Come and let us help you achieve your educational goals. The entire landscape of the travel and tourism industries will undoubtedly shift as a result of our exceptional support team, top-notch travel specialists, and educational initiatives.

Visit our website and join us to find out more about the advantages of our professional diploma program.

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Course Benefits

Unlock Your Potential in the World of Tourism: The Benefits of the Tourism Insights Course. Are you passionate about exploring the world and sharing your travel experiences? Do you dream of turning your love for tourism into a rewarding career? The Tourism Insights Course, offered by Tourism Insights Education, is your ticket to a world of opportunities and personal growth. Let’s delve into the incredible benefits of this course.
International Program Recognized & Accredited
Professionals & Experts From Academic & Traders


Years of experience & expertise

Dr. Subhashchandra M Joshi

Dean Academic - European International University, Paris, France

Message from Director

The Tourism Warriors Welfare Facilitation Association (TWWFA) society has a strong foundation, which supports Tourism Insights. We are a well-known firm that focuses solely on educating people and delivering top-notch programs that meet worldwide standards. The need for well-trained workers is growing quickly across the board in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. In order to achieve this, we will offer credentials in travel, tourism, and hospitality. The full-fledged program henceforth termed as “Professional Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality”. The curriculum is created to meet industry demands and upskill experts. Professionals at entry-level and advanced levels who work in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries and want to develop their careers might choose the Professional Diploma in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management program. The course covers topics including economics and human resource development and offers an in-depth understanding of the travel and tourism sectors. The theoretical aspects of the travel industry are also included in the course. European International University, Paris, France, authorized us for their certification as a partner.


Ramesh Rajput, Gujarat

The program will benefit all professionals and their associates and employees immensely from a career and educational point of view.

K. Krishnamurthy, Industry Expert, Travel Guide, Asia

The Goal is to reach the Employment across border by enhancing professional certification and training to reach all those associated with Tourism Sector.

Marc Demant

The content and delivery of the program have been upgraded. We believe all learners have a wonderful time.

Akhilesh Sharma

The only program with strong links between academia and industry.

Naman Singh

TWWFA is a professionally run organization with a strong academic foundation has strong linkage with European International University recognized under the guardianship of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Government of France, France

Official Note from the University

Keeping in mind the nation-building process undertaken by TWWFA in the field of the tourism Industry in India and the world at large, The European International University authorized as a partner for the courses in tourism studies.